Some of Kevin's books


by Kevin Burgemeestre
Click here for more information about 'Kate'. Attend the upcoming book launch: 20 November for a signed copy.


B is for Bravo 
by Kevin Burgemeestre
An alphabet book that teaches the phonetic alphabet,  B is for Bravo celebrates 100 years of Australian aviation.



Antarctic Dad
by Hazel Edwards and Kevin Burgemeestre
Lots of families have parents who work away from home.  When Dad works in Antarctica for a year, this family keep in touch by e-mail, digital photos and other ways. Fiction, but factually based due to Hazel's Antarctic expedition experience with the Australian Antarctic Division at Casey station. 

Uncle Eddie and the Croc
by Lucy Farmer and Kevin Burgemeestre
The crowd parted to reveal an enormous crocodile. Uncle Eddie almost jumped out of his skin. The croc was at least four metres long and its mouth was yawning open…
Life isn’t easy on the shores of Lake Wakka Wakka. But Uncle Eddie wouldn’t have it any other way.


Uncle Eddie and the Hippos
by Lucy Farmer and Kevin Burgemeestre

 Uncle Eddie is having one of those days. Again! Those hippos just won't do as they're told ...



Bernard was a Bikie 
by Val Marshall and Bronwyn Tester and Kevin Burgemeestre

 When Bernard rides his motor bike through town, most people think he's quite a menace. But something happens to make them change their minds.