Children's books 1994-2013

2013 Kate by Kevin Burgemeestre, Morris Publishing Australia (November release)
2012 Catastrophe by Robert Favretto, Morris Publishing Australia
2007 Uncle Eddie series by Lucy Farmer, Black Dog Books
2006 Antarctic Dad by Hazel Edwards, Lothian
2006 The Big Wheel by Janet Stutley, National Geographic USA
2006 Postcards to Paul by Talia Reed, National Geographic USA
2006 Camping is Fun by Mary Garcia, National Geographic USA
2006 The Flying Doctor by Alan Horsfield, National Geographic USA
2006 Driving Tin Lizzie Emily Hart, National Geographic USA
2006 Transportation by Rebecca Sabatani, National Geographic USA
2003 B is for Bravo by Kevin Burgemeestre, Lothian
2001 Sloanes Beach by Wendy Graham, Longman
2001 Skateboard Hero by Wendy Graham, Longman
2001 Bearded Toad Rocks On by Wendy Graham, Longman
2000 My Gran, the Rockstar by Amelia Fitch, Rigby Literacy
2000 Creepy Crawlies by Paul Collins and Meredith Costain, Longman
1999 Wings of Terror by Robert de Gille, Nelson ITP
1999 Castle Rock by Paul Collins, Longman,
1999 The Midnight Children by Pamela Rushby, Longman
1999 Shadows in the Garden by Pamela Rushby, Longman
1999 Footsteps by Pamela Rushby, Longman
1998 Tricking by Paul Collins, Longman
1998 Ricky the Wrecker by Rose Inserra, Nelson
1998 The Gift by Julie Mitchell, Nelson ITP
1997 My Weird Mother, Wendy Graham, Longman, 
1997 My Weird Mother (afro-American edition),
1996 Grandma Winkle, Captain Midnight & Blackjack by Sandra Clayton, Longman
1995 Cracked Christmas by Michael Dugan, Silvergum/Little Ark
1994 A Fishing Trip with Dad by Edel Wignall, Rigby English
1994 The Ventriloquist by Ted Greenwood, Puffin
1994 Cowboy Joe & the Bucking Barrel by Paty Marshall-Stace, Penguin,
1994 When I go to Hospital by Michael Dugan, CIS/Reed
1994 Snow White by Gillian Croaker, MacMillan


Children's books 1985-1993

1993 The Old Woman and the Pig, Traditional, MacMillan
1993 Grandma Cadburys Bikie Gang by Di Bates, Angus and Robertson
1993 Why the Bear has a Stumpy Tail by Maurice Saxby, MacMillan
1992 Once When I Was Shipwrecked by Judith Womersley, Mimosa
1992 Real Girls by Carol Jones, Mammoth
1991 Dear Aunt Agatha by Virginia King, Rigby Heinemann
1991 The Secret of the Tower Room by Dianne Kupke, Houghton Mifflin
1991 Don’t Forget Granny by Michael Dugan, MacMillan
1990 You Know the Fair Rule by Bill Rogers, ACER
1990 The Australian Children’s Party Book by Judy Hubbard, Lothian
1990 You Can Teach Science by Michael Lynch, Collins Dove
1990 Family Care at Home by St John’s Ambulance, St John’s Ambulance Australia
1989 Grandma Cadburys Safari Tours by Di Bates, Angus and Robertson
1989 Maths for Today’s Society by Don Francis, Reed
1989 Martha and Reuben by Ruth Homes, Reed Books
1989 The Swagmates Meet by Kerryn Williams, Concept House
1987 Australian Economy in Perspective 2, Pitmans, paperback, 342pp
1988 200 Years of Australian Poetry by Mark O’Connor, Oxford
1988 Writing with Style 1 by Josie Stainsby Arnold, Reed 
1988 Writing with Style 2 by Josie Stainsby Arnold, Reed 
1988 Mr Lively and his Lighthouse by Antonia Feitz, Angus and Robertson
1988 Bernard was a Bikie by Valerie Tester & Bronwyn Marshall, Scholastic 
1987 One Dark Dark Night by Mary O’Toole, MacMillan,
1987 We’re Off to Thunder Mountain by Margaret Phinney, Bookshelf
1987 At Night Time by Keith Pigdon & Marilyn Woolley, MacMillan
1987 Grandma Cadburys Trucking Tales by Di Bates, Angus and Robertson
1987 Easy Plays for Junior Secondary by Maureen Stewart, Heinemann
1987 Dramawise by John O’Toole, Heinemann
1985 Searching for Harry Allway by Alex Buzo, Reed