My writing

I write because I want to share an idea or a story.

B is for Bravo started as a wish to share great Australian aviation stories. I knew kids would love them. It was an added challenge to structure the book around the letters of the phonetic alphabet. Hence, B is for Bravo and Balloons! Recommended for ages 8-13, used as curriculum support for aviation related courses

Kate is my debut novel, a story of growth and mistakes. Kate’s lucky she finds Wilde, a battered, heroic hound she rescues from the streets, and Mal a troubled young man with a dark past. When things go really wrong they’ll need each other and they’ll have to run! Recommended for age 12-16.

I also write freelance articles and strongly favour the arts, history and motoring.



Writing workshops

Anything is possible on paper. I love workshops because children are completely open to this idea and I usually learn as much as I teach.

Writing is an absolutely marvelous tool for communicating and we all have the potential to tell terrific stories. My philosophy in workshops is to help create pathways for people to tell their stories or give them permission to have fun, fire up their imaginations, and write incredible adventures.

I encourage writers to use their senses to engage readers and tap into their own exciting or dangerous experiences to inject a sense of drama. I also show writers how to act out scenes and to inhabit a situation.

This can be quite powerful, I remember a teacher in a strict orthodox school joining in with her prep class acting out the stomping of giant creatures and helping make the noises as well! The children needed very little encouragement after that and their books were truly impressive as a result.